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Become One With God

Enter into a relationship with God.

We Are Born Again

We are recreated in God's likeness & now have a face-to-face relationship with him.

We Are Righteous

We are approved because Jesus made amends for us with his blood.

We Are Seated With Christ

We are now raised & seated with Christ Jesus next to God the Father.

You Are Commissioned

We carry the good news & are reconciling the world to God.

Become A Disciple

Discipleship requires us to be hearers & doers of the Word.

Enforce His Sovereignty

As new creations, we enforce the will of God wherever we go.

Living Sinless

We are free from sin & can live without sin in our thoughts & deeds.

Baptism In Water

Cutting off the old sinful desires & walking in our new freedom right now.

Jesus: Fully Man & Fully God

Jesus operated as a man, yet was and is fully God.

The Blood of Christ

The eternal, precious, and powerful blood of Christ.

Section 2



Walking in the revelation of God's acceptance & divine health.

The Holy Spirit:

Jesus' Anointing

He was anointed with the Holy Spirit & crowned King.

Baptism In The Spirit

We can receive the overflow of the Holy Spirit as Jesus did.

How To Receive It

The ways to receive Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Praying In The Spirit

One of our greatest weapon & expression of the Spirit in us.

Praise & Singing In The Spirit

The synergy of praise & singing in the spirit.

Divine Healing:

It's God's Will

God paid for our healing & for the healing of all people.

Hindrances to Healing

Replace lack of knowledge, doubt, & unbelief with truth. 

People's Precepts

People's traditions & rules that interfere with healing.

Many Ways To Heal

God heals in many ways; believe & any will work.

Section 3



Be A New Creation

Maturing & operating fully as a new creation, just like Christ Jesus.

Renewing Your Mind

Practical application to becoming a new creation & operating in the supernatural power of the Spirit.

Take Dominion & Be Fruitful:

Be unshakeable so you can live in dominion, bear good fruit, & be untouchable.

Abide In God

Our first priority is constant fellowship with God.

Prosper In Your Soul

Transform your soul to be like Christ so as to prove the Word of God when tested. 

Have Unwavering Faith

Make your prayer effective by putting fear & doubt under your feet.

Be In Peace & Rest

Walk in peace & rest to eliminate anxiety & heavy burdens.

Live By God's Truths

Enforce God's truth in order to change what your physical senses tell you.

Be The New You

Be untouchable by demolishing all old habits & thinking.

Know & Expect

Your success depends on knowing you have what you say and expecting it now.

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