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Hierarchy of Spiritual Principles

Below is the progression of spiritual truths:

1. Impression [Awareness]

I become vaguely aware of the notion.

2. Theory [Possibility]

I can accept/conceive of the reality of the idea.

3. Concept Validated [Belief]

I see a Scriptural (direct or in-principle) mandate for the idea.

4. Benefit / Value [Motive]

Holy Spirit shows me how this will benefit my life, my family, etc.

Sadly, most people stop here. Yet, the victories happen in the following progressions:

5. Plan / Goal [Act, Meditate]

Holy Spirit helps me set a goal and make a plan to achieve it.

6. Discipline [Repetition, consistency, persistence]

I begin to make myself do this (I give thanks until I become thankful).

7. Habit / Muscle Memory [Transformation, renewing]

I begin to habitually do this with little thought about it.

8. Identity [Christ-like!]

It becomes an integral part of who I am.

Interestingly, this is also exactly how we destroy sin and the doctrines of men in our lives!

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